darren's endorsements

Rovner Ligatures, The Versa X

Quote:  The Versa X took my sound truly to new heights.  My sound is more open, clean…..and the intonation improved immensely.  After playing one song at The Rat Pak Show on the Vegas Strip, some of the musicians instantly said, “what did you do?  You’re sound is amazing and so in tune!”


Claude Lakey Mouthpieces

 Quote:  “I must admit, I got lucky.  I purchased a saxophone and in the case was a Claude Lakey 6*3 mouthpiece.  When I put it on I instantly had a warm sound that was clean and clear from the bottom of the horn to the top.”  “I hate shopping for mouthpieces, and when I find something I cling to it.”  “This mouthpiece is perfect for me, and I recommend you try it, or even some of the newer Apollo Series Mouthpieces that are a bit more bright and contemporary sounding.”

Alto Saxophone

Quote:  “Saxophone.Com horns are really pretty amazing for the price.  The alto saxophones intonation is pretty darn good, and the horn is super well built.  The tone quality is medium bright and I must say very contemporary sounding.  The finish on my horn is black nickel and gold keys, certainly a showstopper."

Reed Geek

 Quote:  “This years NAMM show was pretty exciting for me.  I was able to represent my favorite mouthpiece company Claude Lakey, and while at NAMM found two products that are amazing.  First, the reed geek reed knife.  It is so easy to use, and the reeds that I normally just throw away are now useable reeds, and some of them are fantastic reeds after I simply lightly buff the bottom side of my reeds to create a perfectly flat seat on my mouthpiece. This is a must for any woodwind player, especially someone who is NOT a Geek and doesn’t have a lot of time to mess around with “the newest thing”.  It’s amazing.